Christ’s Saving Work as the Foundation of the New Life

“But when the truth rose, like the sun, from the earth for those who sate in darkness and shadow of falsehood, then righteousness stooped down from heaven and, for the first time, appear to men in its reality and perfection.  We were justified, first by being set free from bonds and condemnation , in that He who had done no evil pleaded for us by dying on the cross.  By this He paid the penalty for the sins we had audaciously committed; then, because of that death, we were made friends of God and righteous.  By His death the Savior not only released us and reconciled us to the Father, but also ‘gave us power to become children of God’ (John 1:12), in that He both united our nature to Himself through the flesh which He assumed, and also united each one of us to His own flesh by the power of the Mysteries.  In this way, the, He makes His own righteousness and life to rise, like the sun, in our souls.  Thus it becomes possible for men, by means of the sacred Mysteries, both to know true righteousness and themselves practice it” (Nicholas Cabasilas, The Life in Christ, 53-54; emphasis mine).


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