Friday, 2nd Week of Lent

Matins, Canticle Five
“Crucified, Thou dost release me from corruption; pierced by a lance, Thou makest me immortal.  I glorify Thine ineffable mercy, O Christ, for Thou hast come to save me” (Lenten Triodion Supplement, 110).

Matins, Canticle Nine
“Through Thy Crucifixion Thou doest open Paradise again and deliver me from the eternal death of disobedience.  With rejoicing I partake of life, and magnify Thee as my God, O Thou who lovest mankind.

O Lord, Thy lifecreating Cross has turned the instrument of the curse into a seal of blessing.  Beholding Thee upon it, we who before were dead are brought back to life, and singing Thy praises we magnify Thee as our Master” (Lenten Triodion Supplement, 113).


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