Christ is Never Alone

“Ecclesiology, in the Orthodox view is an integral part of Christology….There is no elaborate ‘ecclesiology’ in the Greek Fathers…The ultimate reason for that was in the total integration of the Church into the Mystery of Christ.  ‘The Body of Christ’ is not an ‘appendix.’  Indeed, the final purpose of the Incarnation was that the Incarnate should have ‘a body,’ which is the Church, the New Humanity, redeemed and reborn in the head….In this interpretation Christology is given its full existential significance, is related to man’s ultimate destiny.  Christ is never alone.  He is always the Head of His Body.  In Orthodox theology and devotion alike, Christ is never separated from Him Mother, the Theotokos, and His ‘friends’ the saints.  The Redeemer and the redeemed belong together inseparably”  (Georges Florovsky, Aspects of Church History, p. 25).


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