Are You Ready?

March is right around the corner, and with it Great Lent begins. Are we ready to enter into Lent? It doesn’t matter because it confronts us if we’re ready or not. God has come to earth and is going to the cross. Not just any cross, but a cross that produces saving results. The Son of Man will be crucified for us and our sins. We don’t fully understand it. No, let’s be honest, we don’t understand it at all: how can God hang on a tree, all bloodied and bruised, and somehow save us in the act? It seems too hard to believe. I pray for a child-like faith to believe it now and always. In the cross God has saved humanity. In the cross, God has identified with our suffering and all that’s bad. In the cross God bids us to come and die and somehow find new life—an eternal life that spends it’s time in union with the Holy Trinity. O God grant that I might repent of all my sins and enter into a life of faith—and faith that looks not to my own weaknesses, faults, or minor accomplishments, but to the Author and Finisher of our faith. Glory be to Jesus Christ.


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