Orthodoxy and Christ Alone


“…In this lies the power of the mystery confession: whosoever repents and confesses his fall before God acknowledges a universal truth, and if there is a time when man is infallible, even in the sight of the Lord, it is when he confesses his sinfulness. Then, more than at any other time is he truthful, and when he is truthful, he attracts the Spirit of Truth, Who transforms him by the grace of repentance. This brings the believer to a deep awareness of his spiritual poverty and, in response to this repentance, the Holy Spirit grants both healing and justification. Moreover, by repentance and confession, the Christian demonstrates his faith in God’s power to save, and shows that his hope is not in man, nor in an angel, but in Christ alone Who purchased him by the Blood of His sacrifice” (Archimandrite Zacharias, The Hidden Man of the Heart, pp. 94-95; emphasis mine).


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